Globus distribuisce le soluzioni Syneto


Syneto OS is a software-fined, cloud-connected operating system designed to be deployed across a variety of plug-and-play Syneto devices to create a universal and resilient data management platform. Thanks to a Zero-Trust approach, it manages data throughout its lifecycle, unifying virtualization, storage, backup, recovery and disaster recovery in a single management point


An operating system built using the latest micro-services architecture to provide a modern approach to data management. It unifies a host of powerful technologies and services into a single, easy-to-use interface.

SynetoOS offers all the IT features and services an organization needs to manage data of any type and in different scenarios: virtualization, storage, data protection and disaster recovery.


The power of SynetoOS software and data management services can be deployed on-premise using a range of software-defined hyperconverged appliances (compute + storage + data protection), creating a Hybrid Cloud ecosystem.


Journey to the hybrid cloud

As many as 91% of companies believe that Hybrid Cloud is the perfect choice for their IT. We are here not to disappoint them. With our out-of-the-box approach we combine the on-premise services of our ecosystem with the cloud capabilities of Syneto Central. Don’t worry, we want to guarantee maximum security with a Zero-Trust approach.


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