SASE - Secure Access Secure Edge - Globus - Cato Network


SASE provides a single cloud-based service that connects and secures all locations, users, devices, and applications, on-premises and in the Cloud. A SASE service has four main characteristics:


User identity form the basis for risk-based access policies that also consider the user’s device posture, the sensitivity of the data or application being accessed, and the desired action. The policy seamlessly follows the user in the office, on the road, and at home to ensure consistent enforcement everywhere.

Support for all edges

SASE delivers consistent security and optimization to any enterprise edge including on-premises and cloud data centers, branch offices, and down to a single user or device.


Cloud-native SASE is elastic, self-healing, and self-maintaining. Delivered as a global cloud service SASE rapidly adapts to emerging business needs and make all network and security capabilities available everywhere.

Globally distributed

SASE is built on an extensible global cloud network to deliver low-latency networking and security capabilities to all users and business locations.

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