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Outsourced team – innovative service for our customers


Glo.Bu.S. offers dedicated outsourcing teams in the areas of web development, App, 2D / 3D CAD design and data entry.

Our Outsourcing service in the areas listed above is offered with our “offshore” teams and Italian management.

Thanks to the high and decades of specialized experience in the sector, we are able to analyze the technological needs of our client to insert an offshore development team at our foreign headquarters, with a rapid ramp-up phase and consequent cost savings. development, thus helping our customers to obtain the best time-to-market.

Compared to other Outsourcing / Offshoring development service providers, Globus offers the advantage of a company based in the Far East but managed by Italian staff and with the possibility of having Italian project managers to start the team or the project. In this way, the efficiency losses deriving from misunderstandings and the lack of knowledge of the peculiarities of the Italian business world are eliminated. The beta testing team and drafting of the project manuals are also available.

In addition to the team, the project control and planning software suite will also be available to our customer.

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